The uncertainty of race week has local businesses concerned.

Amy Rees

Bathurst is arguably best known for hosting Race Week, featuring the Bathurst 1000 motorcar event.

Each year in early October, car enthusiasts from around the country – and even the world – journey to Bathurst to enjoy the loud engines, the smell of rubber burning as the tyres skid around the sharp corners and just the aesthetics of Mount Panorama.

However, this period is not only enjoyed by spectators but also the local economy, as the event accumulates millions of dollars with a lot of that being put back into the community.

Local businesses are usually rejoicing around this time each year, with the anticipation of an influx of people about to inflate commerce.

Instead, business owners are left worried and a little uncertain as to what the future holds.

Panorama Floor Manager | Katrina

Unfortunately, this year the prospect of a fun-filled and financially beneficial week seems far fetched, due to the ongoing Covid-19 repercussions.

Panorama Bathurst Facebook Page

“They haven’t announced anything yet but at this stage I don’t think it will go ahead or if it does there will be no spectators,” Panorama floor manager Katrina Inwood said.

The Panorama Hotel is one of Bathurst’s most busiest pubs, with race week only enhancing this.

Not only is the venue full every night during that time period, but their accommodation facilities are booked out as well.

Panorama Floor Manager | Katrina Inwood

While the general consensus of locals is that they stay away from town during race week, the likely hit that Bathurst will take from the event not going ahead still has some concerned.

“To be honest, I do my best to stay out of town during the Bathurst 1000 because it’s just so packed,” Bathurst local John O’Shea said.

“It is a bit worrying though what the economy will look like not only after race week but at the end of the year, I think it will have as serious financial impact on the region.”

Hynash Constructions Heavy Machinery Mechanic Mat Roberts is also unsure as to what this will mean financially for the Bathurst Community.

Bathurst Local Mat Roberts