Headspace Cup Shaping Up Differently This Year

Sophie Scanlon

  • The NSW Government has implemented restrictions due to the second wave of COVID19 meaning that spectators are no longer allowed at soccer games.
  • CSUFC is a Bathurst soccer club who hosts a yearly fundraiser for mental health support organisation Headspace.
Photo taken at last years Headspace Cup (CSUFC Facebook Page)

COVID19 restrictions now mean that spectators are no longer allowed to attend soccer games, and this has caused the player’s morale to drop.

The Bathurst Charles Sturt Universities Football Club has hosted a Headspace Cup each year, an event which fundraises for mental health support for young people.

This is the clubs main fundraising event but this year they are not able to go around to the spectators and gather small change.

This is the clubs main fundraising event but this year they are not able to go around to the spectators and fundraise face to face.

So, the club has taken to social media and is doing a countdown for the big event, where they are sharing statistics about mental health.


Posted by CSU Football Club on Thursday, 3 September 2020

“We have been putting up social media posts up on all of our platforms and we have a snapchat filter as well, and then from there we have online shops where we can buy items which support headspace.”

Emily Thurlow, CSUFC Vice President

The lack of spectators have an effect on the players both on and off of the field, Charles Sturt Universities football club’s vice president, Emily Thurlow has seen this effect firsthand.

“Huge, huge effect it has had a major effect on our motivation for our players on the field because they don’t have the support around them and even social members because they can’t get around the games and just watch them on the weekend.”

Images of Spectators from Pre COVID19 (CSUFC Facebook Page)

The club has also hosted other challenges over the year including most recently their push up challenge where they encourage everyone in the club to remain active during the lockdown.


The Headspace Cup kicks off on at 11am on Sunday the 13th of September.